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SyBakerart  - Painting, mixed media, Illustration

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Following Art college HDip Art & Design 1980 in West Sussex, I trained as a Medical Illustrator / Photographer with the NHS completing a HNC Technical Photography at Richmond College. Since then my artwork has developed using mixed media and photography with painting & pastel in my most recent works, whether the project is for a Christian organisation, musician, individual or exhibition. 

Now, based in Cheriton, Folkestone Kent, I work in response to individual requests, personal and collaborative projects with other creative people. My art is used for personal devotions and reflection to illustrate and enhance publications, multi-media projects and exhibitions. I also undertake live 'Art in Worship' during church services, enhancing the message during corporate worship. I also lead a course exploring faith and art called Creative Call.

I hope you enjoy my art. Please feel free to contact me with any enquiry to purchase or commission a work, Art in Worship, Creative Call course or just a chat, especially with words of encouragement.

In addition to non-commissioned works produced:


1995- - Cover Album Photography - secret of flight - Caroline Bennett


1996-98 -  Artwork/Photography illustrating music performances - City of Peace - Adrain Snell

2000 -  CD cover and booklet art work . Lux Aeterna David Fitzgerald

2003 -  Lift my eyes - Portrait - Private collection

2006- Stations of Cross - Aylesbury Vineyard Church Easter exhibition.


2008 - Golgotha - reworked Paintings - Private collection

2009 - Corporate Book Illustrations - Care Company

2010 - City scapes painting series - London Marketing Co.

2012 - Book illustration  - I'm from Venus and I'm living with a Martian - series of 20 iPad illustrations.

UP coming work:

Devotion - curated exhibition celebrating the Queens Jubilee 3-7 June 22

Opening new Gallery Quested Gallery & Creative Community June 22

April  13 - 27 2022 Talk to me about Free Art Exhibition 

8 squared Gallery, Old High St  Folkestone.

June 2021 - Shadows & Reflections - Book of Paintings, Photography & Poetry.

Feb 2021 - Christian Arts online exhibition

Ordinary / Extraordinary

Most recent works:

March 22-23 'Art on the Hill' Brill School

Feb 2020 - Solo Exhibition Kooroon Gallery Nottingham

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