OBC Creative Arts Group
OBC Creative Arts is the arts ministry group of Orchard Baptist Church Bicester, newly formed in Nov 2016 following a 5-week ‘Creative Call’ course. This Arts ministry group seeks through God’s gifting to nurture creative people artistically and spiritually in community, releasing that creativity in worship, outreach, healing and service within and beyond the Church. Members of the group are drawn from all churches in Bicester and the surrounding area.
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The Light Project | Revealing Jesus
The Light Project is a diverse group of people with a big heart to let others have a real experience of Jesus. We really are all about revealing Jesus. But why?
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Chris Duffett|Be the Light
Chris is an Artist,writer,poet and evangelist, founder of
The Light Project, a growing network of people who exist to reveal Jesus and train others in theology and evangelism.
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Our community reflects a wide range of artistic interest and disciplines. Some artists work overtly with Christian themes - others work to broader themes but their Christian faith and world view underpins their practice. 
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