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After years of using photography to record the human body for medical illustration, I was drawn towards photographing the more graphic, architectural  and simple images, often as source material for a mixed media work of as a projection background to a musical interpretation. Below are an example of this type of work.

Alhambra courtyard
Alhambra Lattice shadow
Bronze door
Mosque door
Door frame Carving
Moorish wall Carving
Shadow windows Alhambara
Moorish window
Bronze door2
Moorish Bronze door work
Door Carving
Alhambra reflection 1
Alhambra reflection 2
Alhambra reflection 3
Alhambra reflection 4
Shadow pic 1
Shadow pic 2
Shadow pic 3
Shadow pic 4
Shadow pic 4
Shadow pic 5
Shadow pic 6
Shadow pic 7
Shadow man 1
Shadow man 2
Shadow man 3
Shadow man 4
Palm 2
Palm 3
Lemon Tree
Lemon tree unripe
Pool shower
Cat on steps
Pool foset
Water shadows
Cafe chairs - metal
leaving 1
leaving 2
Leaving 3
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