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They Pick up stones.....

Cold, Cold, Cold. I don't like the cold...but my studio is warm and the snow and cold is actually helping me researching, thinking and creating draft work for the Recycled & Renewed exhibition (June 10-17 Bicester).

I'm having a go at abstract, well technically it's not abstract in the true sense, more non-objective in that I'm putting to paper my thoughts and feelings in a way that is not an abstraction of an object but a direct representation.. if you know what I mean.

At the same time I'm working on a drawing for a painting based on Nehemiah 4:2

“Look at those charred stones they are pulling out of the rubbish and using again!”

Like the charred stones pulled out of the rubbish and used to rebuild the wall around the temple and Jerusalem God wants to recycle your life. Do you know any souls who need to be recycled?

This may end up as a series of 3. Most of my religious subject paintings end up as 3. I think I might film the process and progress of this one. It may be interesting to look back later and see how my technique changes during painting.

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