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The Spirit in Art Now

Saturday was a good day. Up early for a two hour drive to Southwell Minster in Nottinghamshire and the 'Spirit in Art Now' Study day. The day was hosted by Southwell Minister and Fr Matthew Askey, with speakers Dr Alison Milbank, Dr Richard Davey, Mark Cazalet And Matthew Collins. All presenting in a different aspect of how our understanding and creation of contemporary art, can lead us to an encounter with the scared.

I have to say artist Mark Cazalet, was an inspiration as a speaker - 'the silence of God'. Not that God is silent, but it is often in that silent space that we encounter Him, and find our source of inspiration as well as rest.

I don't often attend study days, so it was especially good chat and share with other Christian and Non-Christian Artists, many who had a work in the Exhibition, 'Crossings' 9th Feb - 10th May Southwell Minster. I am resolved to do more this year. I'd certainly recommend the 'Crossings' exhibition albeit a journey from Buckinghamshire.

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