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Recycled & Renewed

OBC Creative Arts were asked to contribute to the new Bicester Arts Festival this year. This years exhibition based on the theme of 'Recycled and Renewed', had over 200 visitors in the single day with a further 50 to the invitation viewing evening accompanied by poetry and music.

With workshops included, the exhibition engaged with the local community, showing a diverse range of works from painting, to sculpture, mixed media and photography, music and poetry. With some lovely comments expressing appreciation of the works, the thought provoking nature of the interpretation and the underlining Christian world view, it was areal boost to the contributors from the group, many who had only exhibited at last years exhibition.

As with last years group exhibition, many of the works are now available to loan for contemplation, church service illustration or just viewing. For further details go to the OBCCreative Arts Website. (See my Links page)

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