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Happy Happenstance

Sometimes good things show up when you're not looking. I'm creating some teabag art for a table top charity craft sale event in two weeks time. I've been working on these images of birds with Matthew 6:25- 34 as my inspiration. I was going to mount them on plain white hand-made paper.

As I completed each one I laid them on top of some old music manuscript I had lying around to dry. Coming back some time later I suddenly notice not only how well these images of birds worked well on music manuscript, but the lyrics fit as well! I'm looking out now for similar happy happenstance.

Table top Craft Fair 24th Nov 10 am - 2.30 pm Chesterton Community Centre (new) Chesterton nr Bicester. In aid of Alexandra House of Joy.

Teabag artworks available on my website soon.


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