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A new chapter

A couple of weeks ago I meet with Chris, who having only met him a couple of times I already knew we had a connection and would be friends. Chris is a prophetic artist, a Baptist Minister, runs a church and cafe in a tiny village outside Cambridge; founder of the Lighthouse project, writer, a man of God who oozes joy and bon homie!

We met at his Lighthouse cafe and arts centre, tucked behind his manse and studio, full of lovely people, art on the walls and as soon as entered a feeling of possibilities, good coffee and cake, yep I can recommend it. (`).

Why did we met? Well, initially I had no real focus other than getting to know each other a little bit, but why would I travel 1.5 hours from GUW to Cambridge just for 1 hour of coffee and chat?

Simply, I came away encouraged, inspired and wanting to know more, think more and do more about understanding why I do art! Sounds strange from someone who runs a course on the ‘Creative Call’ (new course day Feb 9th 2018 - Bicester).

As we chatted, bouncing from one subject to another, quizzing each other, postulating, I heard myself in response to a question about our ‘Broken’ & Recycled and Renewed exhibitions say, “I believe that all creating we do is infused with the breath of God imbedded in us before we know, which has an impact on people who interact with that work, setting a seed perhaps, but always bringing people into a place where they can meet with God - a reaction occurs — the spiritual impact of creativity.

Now this is just ramblings, and you may say ‘well of course’. But the point for me is not the ‘what' it’s the ‘why’, the ‘journey’ and the fact that once again, my personal journey is starting a new chapter. I have to know more, learn more, experience more, do more!

I want to explore more , to discover this particular theology of art if that’s what I can label it as.

So, would you like to join me? It will be very much a ramble, as my thought process leaps from ‘cloud to cloud’. We can talk, read, watch, share, make art, fail, not understand, be enlightened and visit little coffee shops that have great atmosphere, noisy, aromatic and always uplifting space.

Tonight I’ll be at The Nightingale Bicester if you’d like to join me.

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