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Passion - Becoming a Creative Again. Part 2

God wants his creative people to connect with our passion, a condition which I believe lies within the nature of all creative people, who in understanding that our passion is what drives us to be creative, can express our particular world view, the way we see the world. For me and I believe that is being able to look through His eyes and collaborate with the Spirit of God in our work.

This again is an ongoing state of change for me, moving from head knowledge to heart knowledge. I know when I create under the pressure of an assignment even now, unless I have prepared first in prayer, worship and receiving, allowing the Holy Spirit to enter in to the creative process, it is just a job. It may fit the brief, it may be competently produced, but I know in my core that the work is not created out of that place of pure ‘Passion’. It is a type of work that brings relief and satisfaction in accomplishment, especially when receiving complementary feedback, but I know this is a performance and I will often recognise my disconnect with the work on a ‘Passion’ level.

When I let God in, prepare with Him; the work flows, is not a struggle to produce and brings a ‘Joy’, often with tears as I experience and recognise the completed work as if for the first time. I am sure that all creatives, believers or not will, when connecting with the work borne out of passion, will at various stages of the process feel a range of intense emotion and perhaps personal revelation akin to the worship experience and know he is delighted with us.

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