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Talk to me about Free Art & Faith

Well it's day to of being in the 8square Gallery, Old High Street, Folkestone and although the Easter weekend is off to a slow start, (locals say its be quite for a few weeks due to M20 lorry park), Ive been graced wit quite a few visitors to my exhibition of Teabag art (and other pieces. Interest in my Teabag work has been encouraging with many fascinated by this medium and my subject matter.

My aim has been to put my work out there and give opportunity to network with fellow local artists, the local community, and visitors, whilst also sharing my views on art and my inspiration born of my faith. So far had some great conversations, about art, life, disability, local infrastructure and yes faith.

I've been able to bless all my visitors so far with a bit of small free artwork, again much appreciated and not a little surprised by it. Tomorrow Easter Saturday and more to come.

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