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United response – an exhibition unexpected.

As Louis and I walked along Cheriton High Street the other day, we noticed in a double fronted shop window, used as a community space managed by a charity, United Response, an advert caught my eye calling for artists who live locally to contribute to an exhibition scheduled for a week from 24th July, which was actually only two weeks away.

So on returning home, I promptly contacted the organiser, sent them a few images and said that my paintings were currently in storage and they were welcome to use as many of them as they liked for their exhibition. I included a sample my email and website. To my amazement I immediately got a response saying - yes please!

I pulled out a range of my paintings, teabag work, wire sculpture and book art and took them down to United Response on the designated Friday for choosing and hanging. To my amazement said they wanted all of them on the walls, oolong side other notable local artists and work produced by the clients of United Response. And together it looked really good with some very fine piece of creative expression on show.

Importantly, perhaps more important than we actually showing some of my work, I’ve (and Louis) have built some new relationships in the care support community, possibly finding some opportunities for Louis future activities which are going to be taking place from August; and getting my name as a new in town known to the local community - well a little bit any way.

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